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Schilt and westbrook essay

schilt and westbrook essay

exploited. My Thoughts on Theatre: ex Tormentor. This argument is also sexist in its assumption that only individuals with penises are dangerous predators. It's much more accurate to talk about gender as something we "do" than as something we simply "are" or "have." While this might initially seem like splitting hairs, people's lives, legislation, and more hang in the balance. It becomes so much a part of who we think we are that most of us don't even recognize the daily work we do to pass as men and women (shaving, make-up, clothes, hair cuts, styles of walking, talking, sitting, how to interact conversationally, carrying. It is important to note that gender and heteronormativity adults in my life essays are inseparable, as it is within the normative framework of heteronormativity to which an obligatory gender is enforced, and therefore regulated. Passing is important to many transgender people on different levels: from issue of violence personal safety to the psychological pleasures associated with being publicly recognized with who we understand ourselves.

In providing gender inclusive bathrooms as well as a gender neutral option, officials would allow all individuals access to the bathroom without fearing a high risk of attack. These rights are more important than the discomfort and unsupported fears of another group.

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Dru is just one of many transgender individuals with a story such as this. In fact, fifty three percent of the transgender respondents to the national study that took place in 2011 reported having experienced verbal assault in public facilities while eight percent reported physical assault (Bender-Baird 2). The way in which the opposition conveys women to be weak and in need of protection, just as children who are the least powerful group, shows their argument to be sexist in nature. Gender Trouble: Feminism and the Subversion of Identity. If continuously forced to use the bathrooms which correlate with their sex and not provided a gender neutral option to use within all public spaces, transgender individuals face the dangers of harassment, violence, and health issues. If we do not do so, we may never improve the many unfair and corrupt systems that have been put in place as a means to oppress minority groups. Those in support cited fear of allowing men access to womens bathrooms and locker rooms (Transgender Bill).

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