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Contempt expression relativity thesis

contempt expression relativity thesis

of a contempt expression: A replication. Motivation and Emotion, 12 116. Google Scholar, buck,. Ekman and Friesen's result was replicated, but only when the specific anchoring context used in the original studies was reinstituted. Perception, appraisal, and emotion: The onset of social referencing.

J., Jacobsen,., Anderson,. New York: Garland stpm Press. What and where are the primary affects? Social Cognition, 4 309341. Psychological Review, 21 3341. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 117 8688. Adaptation level and the affective appraisal of environments. Contrast effects in verbal output. These keywords were added by machine and not by the authors. Fuzzy concepts and the perception of emotion in facial expressions. Google Scholar Field,.

Google Scholar Lehman,. E., Scherer,., Tomita,., Tzavaras,. People's judgments as to which emotion is conveyed by a particular facial expression can therefore be influenced by the method of gathering judgments. Google Scholar Higgins,. A description of facial expressions in terms of two dimensions. Google Scholar  Plenum Publishing Corporation 1991. Slide set and brochure available from first author, San Francisco State University. Journal of Social Psychology.