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Short essay on computer history

short essay on computer history

in 1946. About 150 years ago, he designed a machine with an amazing similarity to the first modern computers. While working on the difference engine, Babbage conceived another, much more powerful machine, which he called the analytical engine. With these devices, the stage was set for the computer revolution and the explosive growth of the commercial computer industry.

Aiken had long been interested in developing ways to use these machines for scientific-calculations. The first person to design and build an electronic computing machine was John Atanasoff at Iowa State University. Hollerith did not rest on his laurels, however. Which used a vacuum tubes. After much effort, he built a mechanical device that was powered by levers and gears. Eniac : World War II created a sudden demand for computing power. Personal computer concept came in this generation due to development of processors. The ABC : While Aiken and IBM were still at work on the Mark I, other were exploring the use of a new technology in computer design- electronics- that would make the Mark I obsolete almost as soon as it was turned. Simply put, electromechanical machines are mechanical machines driven by electricity.

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